Chalkpit Lane Quarry – Public Inquiry Update

Update on the Oxted Quarry “the Chalkpit” Public Inquiry 

For those who may not be familiar with the situation at the Oxted Quarry (also known as “the Chalkpit”), about ten years ago, the Woldingham Association and the Woldingham Parish Council formed the Woldingham Action Group (“WAG”) to respond to the threat of hundreds of HGVs being re-routed to The Ridge and potentially travelling through Woldingham to access Oxted Quarry.  A fund was set up and villagers donated generously to defend Woldingham against this threat.   

Over the past ten years, the Woldingham Association and WAG have written letters to Surrey County Council responding to new information submitted by the Quarry operator and Surrey Council Council and also to confirm the strong local objection to any routing of the Chalkpit HGVs through Woldingham.   

Surrey County Council then imposed a set of operating conditions which, among others, specify that Chalkpit HGVs will not travel through Woldingham.  However, some of these operating conditions were challenged by the Chalkpit operator and this was the subject of the Public Inquiry held in late January 2020.   

The Woldingham Association and our Surrey County Councillor, Becky Rush, were among those that gave evidence at this Public Inquiry. WAG co-funded legal representation to attend and provide advice during the Public Inquiry.

The next step will be the Inspector’s decision, but the date for this is unknown.  We will post an update when the decision arrives.  

You will find more information about the issues here: