Letter from Joyce Knight in Woldingham Magazine and Woldingham Association Response.

Dear Editor (December Magazine)

Through the auspices of The Magazine may I ask a question? Why, oh why, is the Woldingham Association so against us at Knights Garden centre’s Coffee Shop having a wine licence?

It is NOT our intention to host drunken orgies – in fact we have run an orderly family business, here in Woldingham, for over 40 years. We are situated in a valley where sounds echo. I think we have been wrongly accused of noise pollution from teenage pool parties and even Indian Divali fireworks!

We have successfully hosted many local events including Charles Bradshaw’s surprise birthday party.

We endeavour to create a service in ambient surroundings – what could be more pleasant then a glass of wine shared with friends over lunch?

This type of sale helps us to keep us afloat and viable – we are constantly being badgered by many ‘Estate Agents’ on behalf of would-be developers who would like to acquire Woldingham Dene. One of them could possibly build a small housing estate here including a rowdy pub – there is plenty of acreage.


Dear Editor (January Magazine)

Referring to the letter in the December issue of the Woldingham Magazine concerning the sale of alcohol at Knights Garden centre.

The Garden centre is an attractive and popular village asset, but when the application to modify the Section 52 Agreement to allow the sale of alcohol was on the former part – residential property of Woldingham Dene, Letters of objection were sent to Tandridge District Council from Woldingham Parish Council, numerous concerned local Residents and the Woldingham Association. In addition, a petition with 63 signatories opposed to the amendment to the existing consent on the tea-room was submitted.

We hope this clarifies the position.