WA Activities

“The aim of the Woldingham Association is to promote and protect the unique character of the village and preserve the surrounding environs including Green Belt land, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI); also, to represent our member’s interests, where appropriate and they are in accordance with this statement”.

The WA is an independent, non political organisation conducting its business in accordance with the company’s Articles of Association.

A copy of the 2015 Newsletter is on the following link: WA Newsletter 2015

In recent years the Association has represented the interests of Woldingham in many ways, including:

  • Upholding the Gilford Covenants which cover Woldingham
  • Assisting with the purchase of Church Wood and Marden Park Woods
  • Promoting the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and supporting the PCSO initiative
  • Opposing schemes for excessive High Density Housing development in the village
  • Scrutinising planning applications made to Tandridge District Council and commenting on them where necessary
  • Monitoring developments without planning permission
  • Making representations at TDC Planning Committee, Appeals and Public Enquiries
  • Responding to planning policy consultation papers and seeking Counsel’s opinion where necessary
  • Monitoring proposals for Biggin Hill & Redhill Aerodromes and M25
  • Sponsoring, authoring and distributing the Woldingham Information Pack and development of the updated on-line version.
  • Setting up the Private Roads Forum
  • Supporting related organisations including: Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), London Green Belt Council, The Downlands Management Project, Flightpath and Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign
  • In 2010 we hosted the BBC radio programme “Any Questions?”, and sponsored the 2012 Royal Jubilee celebrations
  • Supporting the setting up of the Parish Council in 2000
  • Regularly liaising with the Parish Council over planning matters
  • Playing a major role in joint initiatives with the Parish Council, including:
  • Alerting the Parish Council (PC) to the threat of Oxted Quarry re-routing lorry traffic, and jointly forming the Woldingham Action Group (WAG) which continues to monitor activities at the Quarry.
  • The development and production of the Woldingham Village Design Statement