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The Woldingham Association (WA) is an association of Woldingham’s residents. It was created as a limited company on 17th February 1900 by a number of then residents.  A short while later the ownership of many of the unadopted village roads was conveyed to the WA by the then owner.

The WA was also given the guardianship of those covenants imposed on many of the  ‘plot holders’ by the late William Gilford. The covenants are still binding and enforceable today.

The covenants were incorprated in the deeds of most plots as Mr Gilford laid out large parts of Woldingham as a ‘high quality estate’ from the late 1880’s onwards. For many years the upkeep of private streets was organised by the Association; where possible, this function is managed by the residents of unadopted roads.

Any resident of the village is welcome to become a member of the Association, indeed we would urge you to do so. The primary objective of the Association: protecting and conserving local amenities, is as important today as it has always been. To that end the Association acts as a well respected conduit for expressing local views and ideas at Parish, District, County and, if need be, Parliamentary levels. The WA remains strictly non-political in all it’s activities.

The WA works diligently and effectively to preserve the quality and distinctiveness of  environment of Woldingham. The Association actively supports sympathetic and realistic change in the context of the vision set out by William Gilford over 120 years ago.