Highcombe, Long Hill: Various tree work to beech, sycamore, maple, hazel, horse chestnut and cypresses.

Application No: 2017 / 1570 / TPO

Highcombe Road, Long Hill, Woldingham CR3 7EP

Cypresses -Crown lift to 2.5 metres above ground level. 2 x yew trees – Crown lift to 3 metres above ground level. Horse chestnut – Crown lift by 2.5 metres to leave a clearance of 8 metres above ground level. Maple – Crown lift by 1.5 metres to leave a clearance of 5.5 metres above ground level. Beech – Crown lift by 1 metre Row of Sycamore and Hazel – Crown lift by 2 metres to leave a clearance of 6 metres above ground level

Received/validated by TDC: July 19, 2017

Comments to TDC until August 25, 2017


Decision due: September 13, 2017



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