Gatwick 2nd Runway remains a possibility – please read this message received today by the WA.

From the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign


To GACC member associations / voluntary groups

You may think that the Gatwick second runway threat has gone away – but not quite yet!  The Government is at present consulting on the Draft Airports National Policy Statement which gives effect to the Heathrow runway decision.  Question 2 in the consultation asks people if they agree with the decision to choose Heathrow rather than Gatwick. (Details below)

Four London Boroughs – Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor – have each allocated £50,000 to opposing the Heathrow decision, and they are asking their residents (nearly 1 million of them) to respond to the consultation by saying that the runway should be at Gatwick.  They are strongly supported by the Mayor of London

The Government will not wish to change its mind but it would be unfortunate if they got the impression that there was no opposition from around Gatwick.

We are therefore asking your Association to respond to the consultation, confirming your opposition to a new Gatwick runway.

Please forward this email to all your members, asking them also to write.

All responses tend to get reduced to a statistical summary so a short email of one or two sentences is as good as a long essay.   Attached are some notes to help you – just pick one point, not all 16!

Please send your email to

Responses need to be in before 25 May.

Airspace.   At the same time the Department for Transport is undertaking a separate consultation on Airspace – ie aircraft noise and flight paths.  GACC has already submitted our response.  We would be pleased if you would like to write and support it, or to use bits in compiling your own response.  It is at

Brendon Sewill


Draft Airports National Policy Statement – see paragraphs 3.15 –3.52

Runway consultation paper – see paragraphs 4.15-4.42.   Question 2 asks whether you think the new runway should be at Heathrow or Gatwick.

Airspace consultation

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