For those interested in Tandridge DC Local Plan progress especially on Green Belt and garden village development – useful link below:

“Local Plan – Preferred Strategy

“On 16 March 2017, Members of the Planning Policy Committee adopted a Preferred Strategy to be followed in the preparation of the Local Plan. The Preferred Strategy is one that outlines in general terms, the areas which will be considered for accommodating development and the approach to be taken in regard to infrastructure, economic development and the natural environment.

“The Preferred Strategy helps to convey the Council’s ambitions, and give direction to the Council’s officers as they prepare the Local Plan. It does not set out in detail exactly where new development will take place, but provides the guiding principles by which those decisions will be taken in consultation with residents.

“It is the Council’s view that by preparing a Local Plan which delivers development through a combination of a new garden village and some limited development of our urban and semi-rural areas, we can provide much needed homes for people and the services to go with them, while protecting the distinctive nature of the area and only releasing limited Green Belt land where exceptional circumstances are met or where the land does not serve the purposes of the Green Belt.

“What happens now?

“Officers have a great deal of work to carry out now, including the detailed assessment of sites, collation of further evidence and most fundamentally, liaison with infrastructure providers to determine how the final Local Plan will look and what can feasibly be delivered.

“Included within this work, will be further assessment of all the sites which were submitted to the Council by landowners up to and including 30 December, 2016. The sites to be assessed include five possible locations for development of a scale that could accord with the principles of a garden village. These locations include:

  • Blindley Heath
  • South Godstone
  • Land west of Edenbridge (east of Lingfield)
  • Land at Chaldon, Alderstead and Tollsworth Farm
  • Redhill Aerodrome

“No decisions have been made regarding these locations. It is only through a rigorous consideration and testing of these sites through evidence gathering, that it will be possible to identify a suitable location the Council would seek to support through the Local Plan.

“When will further consultation take place?

“The views of the community are important and have already contributed to the chosen Preferred Strategy. In preparing the Local Plan to date, the Council has carried out two stages of consultation in accordance with Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Plan) (England) Regulations (2012), to help inform what the emerging Local Plan should include. Further public consultation on the Local Plan will be carried out and is a requirement of the plan making process.

“The current timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan anticipates a pre-submission version of the document at the end of the year. This would be the version of the document the Council would intend to submit to the Planning Inspectorate and to be independently examined. However, as we progress towards this if information comes to light that requires us to carry out additional consultation prior to pre-submission we will do this, subject to the agreement of the Planning Policy Committee.”

©Tandridge District Council 2017

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