About The WA

Woldingham residents are very fortunate in having two highly respected and influential ‘voices’ working effectively on their behalf:  the Woldingham Association, founded in 1900 and the Woldingham Parish Council founded in 2000.

The Woldingham Association was founded by residents to secure the proper provision of utilities and to promote the ‘vision of Woldingham’ as conceived by William Gilford in the late nineteenth century.

The Woldingham Association is the guardian of  the Gilford Covenants, having inherited these from the Gilford family in the early part of the twentieth century.

Now, in the 21st Century, the WA continues its work promoting and protecting the interests of residents and the wider community to keep Woldingham, Woldingham.

The substantial and continued development of parts of Warlingham and Chelsham, which also came under similar covenants, demonstrates well what could so easily happen here in Woldingham – the consequences would be the loss of our unique village environment.

The WA stands for progress that respects the past and that builds a better future and as such has been instrumental in the preservation of the village for over 100 years. The WA team continues to make representations concerning all planning matters and liaise, as appropriate, with many third parties including  the Woodland Trust, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and the National Trust.

The company’s articles state that the primary aim of the WA is to promote and protect the unique character of the village and keep the surrounding Green Belt land.

The WA is, of course, strictly non-political.

We would urge all residents to support our efforts in maintaining and furthering the legacy of the Gilford Covenants that are so important in helping to keep Woldingham, Woldingham.

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Membership is open to all residents and we, your WA Team, would welcome your support and participation.

The WA may act, in accordance with its Articles, on behalf of its members and the residents of Woldingham.  Members points of view may be put forward at the Association’s Annual General Meeting or submitted, through a WA Team member, for consideration at the regular  committee meetings of the of the Association. All residents should consider membership to help strengthen our voice,  formulate our policies and protect our unique environment.